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There is no Hockey program offered in West Boylston, therefore residents are free to choose where they play hockey. The following is a local program.
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey Association
Boylston, West Boylston and Shrewsbury

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Hockey Facts
The first year a formal ice hockey game was played on record was 1855 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Hockey was adapted from the Native American game of lacrosse to play on a frozen ice surface.
Billy Coutu received a lifetime suspension for assaulting referee Jerry LaFlamme and assistant Billy Bell after the last game of the 1927 finals.
Phil Esposito of the Boston Bruins was the first player to record 100 points in the NHL - March 2, 1969.
On average, a Zamboni machine "travels" close to 2,000 miles each year in the course of resurfacing.





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